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Hypnos & Thanatos
Greek Gods of Sleep and Death

(In myth, their pairing is poetic, and can be interpreted in different ways.)
They are twins that imply a coexistence to serve a peaceful end. Although, Hypnos is the god of sleep, his place by death’s side is a supposed representation of a gentle passing through slumber.

Thanatos is depicted as being very close to his brother. He appears holding an inverted torch, showing as a symbol of the light of life being extinguished, whilst his free arm is thrown lovingly around his brother’s shoulder.

It is also stated that death’s character was gloomy and indiscriminate (Mostly because he was unbiased about his duties). He was hated by mankind, and even by the gods. Unlike him, Hypnos was welcomed and beneficent. Even with this, they are shown to have a close bond.

(Thanatos:) "I will not do it. And you know my character."
(Apollon:) "I know it: hateful to mankind, loathed by the gods."
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